This year has also seen an emergence of COVID-19, that has caused an upheaval across the world. Considering the higher risks confronted by older persons during the outbreak of pandemics such as COVID-19, the Ekta Unity Board of Trustees strongly believe that policy and programmatic interventions must be targeted towards raising awareness of their special needs. Recognising older persons contributions to their own health and the multiple roles they play in the preparedness and response phases of current and future pandemics is also important.

Suman Ghaiwal – Chair of Ekta Unity said: “Today, we need to raise awareness of the special health needs of our service users and of their contributions to their own health and to the functioning of the society in which they live here in Coventry. In addition, we need to increase awareness and appreciation of the role of the health care workforce in maintaining and improving the health of older persons, with special attention to the nursing profession and understand the impact of COVID-19 on older persons and its impact on health care policy, planning, and attitudes”.

Senior citizens have been the worst-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic as experts have stated. They are the most vulnerable with age-related illnesses. In these unprecedented times, loneliness and mental health issues of the elderly people need special attention.

Muna Chauhan-Vice Chair of Ekta Unity said: “This day is focused on the well-being and special needs of the elderly people. We are in the ‘Decade of Healthy Ageing 2020-2030’ and this is an opportunity to bring together civil society, professionals, academia, the media, and the private sector for ten years of concerted, catalytic and collaborative action to improve the lives of older people. As we mark this important day, it is only right to recognise and highlight the disproportionate and severe impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on older persons, not only on their health, but on their rights and well-being”

Sanjay Jagatia-CEO Ekta Unity 
on behalf of the Ekta Unity Board of Trustees