While we find ourselves in what will probably be one of the most remembered moments in global history, Ekta Unity’s Service Users, Volunteers, Session Workers and even Trustees have been making the best of the quarantine time, by storing their memories on a Lockdown Memory ‘Scrapbook’.

Sanjay Jagatia-CEO of Ekta Unity said: “When you’re stuck at home during self-isolation, it’s easy to get bored. However, one of the keys to keeping our mind active during this period of self-isolation is to find something we can do every day, if only for a few hours at a time. As part of Ekta Unity’s regular care packs, which have been delivered to over 200 of our service users and volunteers over the last 12 weeks, we included a scrap book which was not only a great stress reliever but also the perfect way for our service users and volunteers to record their lockdown antics. From the feedback we have received, the scrap book has proved to be the perfect place to keep all the activities that our service users and volunteers have been doing, containing all their memories along with some facts about the unprecedented times they are in”.

This year is certainly one we wont forget anytime soon. In years to come, our service users and volunteers will be able to look back at their scrap books and see all the fun things they got up to when they were made to stay at home to keep safe.

With our activities at St Paul’s Church closed, many of our service users and volunteers are spending more time isolated at home than ever before, and while this can be challenging, it has also been an opportunity to make memories. In future, the scrap books that we provided will allow them all to share memories with their family, friends, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Later on this year, Ekta Unity will be organising an ‘afternoon tea event’ at the Houses of Parliament, where all our service users will be invited and they will be able to share their memories of the lockdown and also showcase all the arts & craft, knitting & sewing activities that they completed during the lockdown.

Swarn Lota: Volunteer Music & Singing Tutor at Ekta Unity said: “This has been a frightening, worrying and challenging time for everyone as we adjust to our new reality and wonder what the future will hold. Many of us are concerned about our health and the risk of catching Coronavirus and some are dealing with grief. But there can be pockets of positive emotions and happiness without the distractions of the outside world and our usual lifestyles. On a daily, even hourly basis how we feel can change. We are getting used to new routines and being alone a lot more. Although it can be frustrating and challenging, I have been putting everything I have done in the scrap book, including photographs of all the PPE equipment that I have made for the NHS and Care Workers. I have also put arts and craft activities which I have completed into the scrap book as well as writing about the times I felt good and also when it was challenging and why I thought that was. Not only will this scrap book form part of my memories when I look back, it will also be a very useful way of sharing my memories with others within Ekta Unity to see how they were feeling and coping during lockdown”

Please see photographs below of personal protective equipment (PPE) that Swarn Lota has made, together with the activities that she has done so far during the lockdown and compiled into her scrap book.

Sanjay Jagatia
Ekta Unity