Keen sewers took on the challenge to make protective face masks and scrub bags for those fighting the coronavirus outbreak in Care Homes.

Suman Ghaiwal: Chair of Ekta Unity said “Over the past few weeks, we’ve been so inspired by how people have pulled together and using the time that they are in lockdown to good use. It’s a tremendous example of people coming together, something which is a core value of Ekta Unity and underpins our objectives. It’s heartening to see that people have helped where they can to try and alleviate the stresses in the system. They have been so generous. I’m absolutely blown away by their commitment and community spirit. We have seen so many messages of thanks from the NHS, and it is becoming clear that people are providing an extraordinary way of giving something positively at a time when we are otherwise utterly powerless”.

The aim of the scrub bags is to help prevent further contamination when care workers are washing their uniforms. The bags are used to put in dirty scrubs to avoid them contaminating anything else before they are washed.

As you can imagine, scrub bags have been in extremely high demand. They simply give peace of mind to Care Home staff that after their shifts their uniforms can go straight into clean bags and go straight into the wash once home. Making these scrub bags and face masks will probably be one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences of their lives. We are so grateful to everyone involved for making it happen.

Since the lockdown, keen sewers have joined the fight to help provide much-needed personal protective equipment for the NHS and care home staff on the frontline of the crisis, and these have been distributed to Hospitals and Care Homes across the Coventry & Warwickshire region.

The Coventry Mercia Lions Club also provided scrub bags that they had made, for us to distribute to Care Homes.

Sanjay Jagatia
Ekta Unity