In our continuing series of Yoga and Exercise videos to keep our Ekta Unity service users fit and healthy during lockdown and self isolation – Rekha Thaker’s latest video in Gujarati/English outlines the benefits of doing Surya Namaskar and Kapal Bhati.

Kapalbhati Pranayama: Kapalabhati consists of alternating short, explosive exhales and slightly longer, passive inhales of breath. Exhales are generated by powerful contractions of the lower belly (between the pubis and navel), which push air out of the lungs. Kapalbhati generates heat in your body, dissolving toxins and other waste matter:

* It improves the functioning of the kidneys and liver.

* It removes stress from the eyes and erases dark circles.

* It enhances blood circulation and digestion.

Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) meaning: ‘Salute to the Sun’ is a series of Yoga poses performed in a sequence to create a flow of movement. Each pose coordinates with your breathing: Inhale to extend, and exhale to bend. Sun Salutations also build heat in the body.

Thank you to Rekha Thaker, whose short videos have not only helped Ekta Unity Service users, but many more others who have seen them on our social media platforms.

We have had many comments stating how much people are enjoying the exercise videos that we have been sharing and found them very beneficial.

Sanjay Jagatia
Ekta Unity