Evidence shows that regular exercise, such as walking, could reduce the risk of depression, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and other illnesses. Regular walking could also improve balance, help manage cholesterol levels and strengthen bones and improve your overall fitness, while playing a vital role in cardiovascular rehabilitation. 

For our service users who are not currently walking, but who are considering improving their health and well-being through physical activity, Ekta Unity can help. Join us every Friday morning at 10:30am at Memorial Park Coventry, where we combine fitness, friends, and fun. Walking is a form of exercise that fits all. It’s easy to practice and the most natural for us to perform.

Dieshy Purewal-Trustee of Ekta Unity and the Walking Group Leader said: “There has been an increased focus on health and fitness during the pandemic and lockdown. This has created a large demand from our service users, members and volunteers who wanted us to restart our walking group. Our ambition is to unite everyone with a shared interest in social walking, and increasing public motivation to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle”

Walking is the perfect activity for health as almost everyone can do it. You can do it anywhere and anytime and its free! You can start slowly and building up gently and it’s a great chance to socialise.

Balbir Dhillon-Trustee of Ekta Unity said: “Walking is ideal for most people to become physically active without the need for any special equipment. It is a great way to get some fresh air, meet friends, socialise and get out and about in our local area. We encourage our service users to join us. It will make you feel good and can benefit your physical, mental and social health. You will also feel safe walking within the group”

Many of our regular walkers have said that the COVID-19 lockdown has been hard for everyone who love getting out into the fresh air. It is therefore, fantastic news that the Ekta Unity Walking Group has restarted, albeit in small numbers due to the restrictions and social distancing. Of course, the pandemic has meant changes for us all and Ekta Unity has made sure the walks are COVID 19 secure.  

Jasvir Sandhu-Trustee of Ekta Unity said: “Our Ekta Unity Walking Group offers an ‘easy access’ walk suitable also for our service users with mobility issues and those who are wheelchair bound. Regular walking could help reduce the risk of heart attacks, heart failure, strokes and angina and we encourage you to join us. We thank our Trustee-Dieshy Purewal for taking up and leading on this initiative for the benefit of our service users, members and volunteers. 

For Further information about Ekta Unity’s Walking Group please contact Dieshy Purewal.

Muna Chauhan 
Ekta Unity