We run weekly sessions and events to bring people together, improve well-being and reduce social exclusion. Ekta-Unity is run by volunteers for the benefit of the public and our local community.

The aims and objectives of Ekta Unity:

The group will utilise the skills, knowledge and experience of its members and local residents to achieve its aims & objectives:

– Organise activities/ projects to promote community cohesion city wide;

– Signpost people to relevant agencies as needed;

– Deliver initiatives to promote health and wellbeing of people from all backgrounds and beliefs;

– Organise classes, courses and training sessions to enhance skills, aspirations and confidence;

– Deliver projects/ activities to build positive relationships between families;

– Set up projects to encourage young people to positively engage with elderly people to bring respect and trust amongst each other;

– Support initiatives for people from different backgrounds, ages and communities to come together;

– Network with other agencies to share information, resources and support network;

– Work in partnership with other groups/agencies in the community.

“Our members have a variation of needs ranging from being wheelchair dependant and various other mental and physical disabilities”

Ekta Unity Board of Trustees