As we enter 8 weeks since the lockdown and social-distancing measures were introduced, Ekta-Unity has continued to be there every step of the way for our service users, by being in touch with them over the phone and sending them regular care packs, containing various activities that they can do at home. The scale of pandemic and its impact on our service users, in limiting physical contact with others, has meant that many of them are looking for ways to distract themselves while stuck inside their own homes.

Our service users have been taking part in knitting and craft activities while in isolation. The therapeutic value of knitting and participating in arts and craft comes from the need to concentrate. Anxious thoughts can be more difficult to escape in sustained isolation, but knitting, arts and crafts have been shown to help distract from these feelings.

Many of our service users have informed us that they are missing the regular contact they normally had with the group and are very grateful to Ekta-Unity for finding new ways to continue helping and supportIng them to share their creativity and overcome both boredom and isolation.

Ekta-Unity understands that this is a very worrying and difficult time for our service users, especially as they are having to spend the next few weeks or even months isolated at home, and we hope that they will find the activities that we are delivering to them enjoyable and engaging during these challenging times.

Here are some lovely photographs sent in by our members: Tarsem Jandu, Kuldeep Grewal and Elizabeth of knitting and arts & craft activities which they have been doing at home during the lockdown.

Special thanks and congratulations to one of our dedicated volunteers-Gurjit Grewal who came back from India last week. However, whilst she was in india, Gurjit used her time to volunteer and regularly kept in touch with our other service users who were in India to make sure they were safe and well, and also made face masks with her own material for children, men and women. She also provided grocery bags of Atta (flour), rice, onions, potatoes and other vegetables, etc, to the labour class families in her region of India. Gurjit Grewal has been associated with Ekta-Unity for many years and she is a humanitarian ~ always volunteering to help others wherever she happens to be. She is a credit to our organisation.