“Ekta-Unity online singing and music classes during the lockdown ~ The value of singing and music for the well-being and health of older people”

Various research have shown that singing and music boosts the immune system, wellbeing and mindfulness, and also leads to incredible benefits in an elderly person’s physical, emotional, and social health. It also helps relieve anxiety, depression, stress and makes them happier, especially for those with long-term health conditions, including respiratory illness, Parkinson’s disease and heart attack/stroke, people affected directly or indirectly by cancer, dementia and mental health conditions.

Ekta-Unity runs weekly music and singing classes, as part of our normal activities at St Pauls’s Church, Foleshill Coventry, for our service users to help them recover from mental illness, making them feel valued and increasing their confidence.

Ekta-Unity has received many comments from our service users on the impacts that engagement in singing and music has had on their lives and a sense of personal and social well-being. Many of our service users who have attended our music and singing classes credit the group for turning their life around, stating that “singing and playing music in harmony had been a wonderful tonic. It’s such a nurturing environment, where we look out for each other and help each other. The classes are very inclusive, relaxed and fun and given us a way to get involved in life again”.

In order for Ekta-Unity to continue our singing and music classes during the lockdown – our Ekta-Unity Music Tutor: Mr Ravinder Kundra has been conducting weekly online music and singing classes. These online sessions have been attended by many of our service users, some of whom have never used online platforms before.

This has been a superb way to keep in touch with our service users and enable them to see and interact with their friends too.

Sanjay Jagatia